Collect points, earn rewards for loyalty, get informed about events in our restaurants and hotels and receive tailor-made offers and benefits as a loyal customer!

family card

Why it pays to be a member?

  • Espresso is only 15 CZK for members of the Pytloun Family
  • Every eleventh lunch is free
  • Express check-in (faster check-in at our reception, “We already know you!”)
  • Free water in your room
  • Free breakfast delivery to your room
  • Standard room at no extra charge when small room is unavailable
  • Birthday of a Pytloun Family member – in all our restaurants - 4+1 free – come to celebrate your birthday with four of your friends and your restaurant bill is free as a birthday gift from us.

What are the rules?

  • For every 20 CZK spent, you get 1 bonus point worth 1 CZK (for example: your bill is 1400 CZK = 70 points worth 70 CZK).
  • Collected points in certain financial value can be arbitrarily applied towards anything within the chain of hotels and restaurants Pytloun (Do you have 500 points? – Dine in the value of 500 CZK).

How do I know how many points I have?

Information about the status of your bonus account is available for you at our receptions and can be provided by the restaurant staff, via phone and email on quarterly basis.

Points can be collected by everyone who pays standard rack rates.

For further questions please contact our staff directly.

Tel.: +420 480 020 300
Mobile: +420 608 000 351