masáž lišta

Professional full body massage

Relax after a busy day. Choose one of the following massages and book it at the hotel reception. Massage is provided by a qualified masseur, Mgr. Michal Ondřej, who is also a vice-champion of the Czech Republic in the Wushu, Chinese martial arts.

List of massages:

1) CLASSIC MASSAGE - a classic Swedish massage of the back, neck and legs. Massage movements are quick and pressure is medium to strong.

2) RECONDITIONING MASSAGE - a combination of sports massage and relaxing massage of back, neck and legs - movements are moderately fast to fast and the masseur applies moderate to strong pressure.

3) SPORTS MASSAGE – a massage of the back, neck and legs. It is a very dynamic massage, quick movements, strong pressure, fast beating and knocking of the muscle that leads to overall increase in circulation.

4) RELAXING MASSAGE – as its name suggests, this is a massage for relaxation of body and mind. This type of massage of the back, neck and lower back together with reflexology feet massage is typical for slow and steady movements and gentle to moderate pressure.

5) INDIAN MASSAGE - massage of the neck, shoulders and head that utilizes powerful push and pull while relieving tension in the neck - helps to release stress.

6) CUPPING MASSAGE AND THERAPY – a massage of the upper and lower back region is performed using vacuum and fire cups, which results in large blood supply to these areas. The therapy helps with practical problems, such as pain in the lower back, region between the shoulder blades, neck or shoulders.

7) MASSAGE FOR VERY BUSY – a relaxation massage relaxes the muscles, a reflexology massage unblocks and strengthen the body and an Indian head massage releases tension in the head and neck.

Price: 90min /699 CZK , 60min/499 CZK,  45min./399 CZK


8) TANTRIC MASSAGE FOR WOMEN - deep relaxation of the whole body, intimate massage to restore vitality and senses.

Price: 70min /799 CZK

Chocolate and lymphatic massage

Massage is performed by a qualified masseuse, Katka Vítová.

9) CHOCOLATE MASSAGE + WRAP Hot chocolate massage is a luxury procedure that rejuvenates and smoothest the skin, removes old skin and makes it soft. It contains all substances necessary for regeneration of the human skin, supports flush out of toxins from the body, has antioxidant properties and harmonizes the mind.

45 min/ 499 CZK


90 min/1099 CZK

11) HONEY DETOX MASSAGE belongs to natural healing methods. It strongly invigorates the whole body, so it is suitable for tension problems, states of exhaustion, nervous disorders and restlessness. It purifies the whole body from deposits that accumulate in the body due to the environment, food and medical products. Honey has excellent detoxifying effects, cleanses your skin leaving it velvety soft and smooth to touch.

45 min/ 499 CZK

12) LYMPHATIC MASSAGE has highly positive effect on the immune system. Lymphatic massage can be very effective in stimulating the lymphatic system and assisting in medical problems, where massages can sometimes do harm. This massage restores and strengthens the lymphatic system, skin increases its blood circulation and it is completely without risk for varicose veins. This massage forms the basis for treatment of cellulite skin, wrinkle prevention and detoxification.

90 min/ 799 CZK

13) MUD WRAP AND TREATMENT CONTAINING FIRMING CREAM WITH SEAWEED AND CINNAMON – this wrap helps to breakdown cellulite and orange peel skin. The wrap contains cinnamon, which warms the skin and supports the effects of active substances that help to break down fat in problematic areas such as the tummy, thighs, hips and buttocks. Long-term care usage of this procedure shows the first signs of cellulite to disappear.

45 min / 699 CZK 

14) PEELING, MUD WRAP AND TREATMENT WITH FIRMING CREAM CONTAINING SEAWEED AND CINNAMON - peeling softens skin of the whole body and removes dead flakes on the surface. Wrap increases deep skin blood circulation and thanks to anti-cellulite massage, which uses firming cream, skin tightens, it is smooth and noticeably firmer. This complete care makes skin beautiful for a long time.

60 min / 899 CZK